Privacy Policy


We support your right to privacy when you're using our software and services. We make our money through customer subscriptions.

We try to collect as little personal information as we can to run our service, but there are always some cases where we need some information from you.

This policy is about what we track, what we store, how the data we do store is used and how you can excercise your legal privacy rights.

We try to use modern security methods to protect your personal information and limit who has access to see it. However, in some situations we may need to share personal information with law enforcement or government agencies.

When you subscribe to ReadCast or use any of the services ReadCast offers, including our blog and help site, you agree to the collection and use of information in accordance with this policy.

Information we collect

User provided information

When you register for a ReadCast account, you'll need to provide us with some of your personal information.

If you correspond with us via email, then we may keep the contents of those emails, your email address and responses sent by us.

Programmatic collection

Some of third-party services that we use (you'll find a list below), may collect extra information from you, like your IP address, your browser, pages you visit while on our site, the date/time of your visit, etc.

Sharing your information

We'll never resell your personal information to third parties.

Sometimes we do share your information with some of our third party vendors that help to provide our service. Like Stripe, for payment processing, Intercom for providing chat support.

However, we'll always ask for your consent before we share your information with third parties, other than the ones we list below.


We try our very best to follow industry standards in regards to the security of your personal data.

However, nothing on the Internet is 100% secure, so we can't guarentee complete security.

Third party vendors

We're not able to control how third parties store their data or what they do with your personal data, but we'd recommend for you to visit each of the providers' websites and view their individual privacy policies.

Here's a list of our vendors:

  • We use Stripe for subscription processing
  • We use Sentry to track bugs and crash logs
  • G Suite is what we use for our day to day emails and document storage.
  • We use Sparkpost to send any emails from our app, and to receive articles when using email saving.
  • We host our own instance of Fathom (their Lite version).
  • We use Slack for internal communication and system alerting. Your data may pass through here at some point.
  • We use Amazon AWS to store backups and audio files for your articles.


We keep backups of ReadCast so that if everything died, we'd be able to stay in business.

We take backups every day and may retain those backups for up to six months before they get removed.

Backups are only accessible to those who require access to it for system administration purposes.


ReadCast uses cookies for a few reasons:

  • To enable key features of the application to work
  • To prevent spam
  • To store your personal settings

Rights under GDPR

Citezens under the European Union may exercise their rights under the GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation.

Like for example, requesting us to remove all of your information from our service. At your request, we would delete all of your personal information from our service, except for cases where we might be required to keep it under law.

For any GDPR related requests, please email [email protected].

Limited Liability

We are not in any case liable for anything you do with our product/service or information on websites or social media accounts.

Anything else?

We may change our privacy policies over time but you'll always be able to access an up-to-date version from this page.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our use of your data or our privacy policies.