We have a variety of voices that you can choose to have your articles read in.

Voice Samples

You can demo a few of the voices we have to choose from. This is not a complete list.

Male (en-US)

Female (en-US)

Male (en-GB)

Female (da-DK)

Male (de-DE)

How to change your voice

Go to your Settings page.

There will be a section called 'Voices'. To pick from the voices, you can use the dropdown element.

Once you've picked a voice you like, save your settings and all future articles will be converted with that voice.

How can I convert my existing articles to my new voice?

When you change your voice, it dosen't automaticlly regenerate the audio for previous articles.

However, if you want to do that, you can go to the Articles page and click on the Refresh icon beside the article you want to refresh.

It will then regenerate using your newly selected voice.

What does it mean if the voice is 'Old'?

Some of the voices you can pick from in Settings are marked as 'Old'.

These are the voices we had before we introduced higher quality Google Wavenet voices.