We've opened up parts of our backend so you can utilise them using an API to build whatever you want. All endpoints use JSON for sending and receiving date.

If you want to use our API, you can manage your Clients and Personal Access Tokens in the Integrations page of your Settings.


The ReadCast API uses oAuth v2 for authentication.

ReadCast expects all API requests to contain a Authorization header with an access token. The authentication header should look like this:

Authorization: Bearer <access token>


You can get information on the currently logged in user. It will return user attributes



Get All Articles

You can get a list of your articles, this does not contain the audio information.

`` GET

Save an Article

You can send the URL of an article you want to save. Just send the url parameter in a JSON body, like this:

    "url": ""


View an article

You can fetch information about a specific article.

GET `<id>

Regenerate an Article

You can regenerate an article using this endpoint. A body is not required.

POST `<id>

Delete an Article

You can delete an article using this endpoint. A body is not required.

DELETE `<id>