ReadCast has launched! 🚀

16th March 2019

Within the last hour or so I have just launched ReadCast — a web app which allows you to save articles and listen back to them in your own private podcast.

I’m so glad it’s finally out there and people can use it. I’ve been working hard on it for the past month or so.

J Cobb came up with the idea. I contacted him and asked him if I could peruse building it out as a product. He agreed and has provided me with feedback through the process of building it and launching it. Thanks to him or there would be no ReadCast.

After I started building it, I had a working prototype done in about a day’s work which is quite good for building out a web app. To be fair, I already had the UI before starting to build it as I had just ditched another app idea.

In the days leading up to launch, I entered my bank details into IBM Cloud the system that powered the text-to-voice part of the app (which is pretty much the thing the whole product revolves around) suspended our account. This meant we could still use the API, just not do anything in the console. Yesterday, the day before launching, I had to rewrite that bit of the app to work with Azure’s text speech system. I thought I wasn’t going to get it done on time.

When I woke up about an hour ago, I went straight onto ProductHunt and hit ‘Launch Now’. It felt so good to have something I’ve been working on constantly for the last few weeks finally out there!

This is my first real online product I’ve launched. Yeah, I’ve launched BiblioSpot but I wouldn’t really count that as a product since there is no subscription. ReadCast has a proper monthly subscription for users and I’m probably more in touch with the target market.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the product. If you have any questions on it, leave them here or on our ProductHunt page.

Duncan McClean

Duncan McClean

I'm Duncan McClean, the founder of ReadCast. I enjoy developing web apps. You can also read my personal blog.