Turn your reading list into a podcast

Turn your reading list into a podcast

If you're anything like us, you have a busy life and you don't really like reading. But what if you didn't have to read? Well, you don't! Just save it and we'll convert it & add it to your podcast player. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Subscribe to publications

You can subscribe to your favourite blogs & publications to get the latest articles.

Your own personal podcast

As soon as you save the article, we'll convert it to audio and send it your podcast player.

Save straight from your browser

We've got browser extensions available for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Even save from your inbox!

If you'd like to send an e-mail newsletter to your ReadCast, then that's possible.

"ReadCast helps me keep up with topics I'm interested in. By listening, I can consume written content far more easily. A must for anyone who can't find time to read"

- Dominic Fitch-Jones

ReadCast is more than just an app - it's a service. Save articles anytime and listen on the go, from anywhere. Everyone is charged equal, £6 a month gets you subscriptions, a personal podcast, access to browser extensions and saving directly from your inbox.